Finding Part Numbers

At LRDirect we are committed to providing all the options available for each Land Rover® part number and delivering them to you quickly at the best price.

People sometimes ask us why we don't have an online catalogue breaking down each Land Rover® Range Rover® model into its component parts so they can choose parts from descriptions and diagrams.

Accurate Information

The first reason is that we originally developed as a trade resource for independent Land Rover® Range Rover® garages worldwide. The vast majority of our customers have access to part number information and enjoy the certainty that comes with ordering the exact parts they need using the original system designed by Land Rover® ie. part numbers.

Land Rover® Electronic Parts Catalogue - New in 2017

There is now open access (for a fee) to the manufacturer's own EPC system which is used to identify all parts on all models of Land Rover and Jaguar, quickly and easily. Please go to our FREE LR PARTS SEARCH page for details on how you can access this system for FREE or at very low cost.

Land Rover® Paper Parts Catalogues

It is virtually impossible to copy Land Rover® Range Rover® parts catalogs and diagrams and put them online. Land Rover® have had a team of people creating and updating their parts information for over 60 years. Some parts can fit several different models from different years and when engine, gearbox and axle configurations have been factored in along with constant VIN number changes we will feel this is an uphill battle that is best left to the people who actually decide the part numbers.

So we recommend that if you need to buy parts at trade prices and have the correct parts delivered across the world, either from ourselves or others, that you register with Land Rover EPC or acquire the genuine parts catalog for your Land Rover® Range Rover®.

Helpful information about parts books

Microcat electronic parts system for Land Rover® Range Rover®

From around 2001 Land Rover® ceased printing catalogues and to find the part numbers for later models the Microcat system was introduced by Land Rover® Range Rover® dealers worldwide. By googling "Microcat Land Rover" you will see the options for acquiring this system and installing it on your computer. Microcat has now been replaced by Land Rover's new EPC system.

Please note that LRDirect do not accept any liability for the security of external sites or for the information obtained from them.

Part Numbers for Aftermarket Accessories

Please use the following links to obtain the latest part numbers and information for aftermarket accessories and equipment:




Contact our Customer Service Team



Our customer service team don't provide a part number look up service but we are able to give quick answers on questions of quality, availability and surcharges. Please email us at [email protected].

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